The melt is on: City asks residents to clear catch basins

By James Peters
January 17, 2017 - 11:32am

KAMLOOPS — With the mercury rising today and tomorrow, the City of Kamloops would like your help ensuring a fast melt doesn't cause problems.

Utility Services Manager Greg Wightman says water can pool around sewer catch basins that haven't been cleared of snow, which is why city crews have been clearing catch basins for days.

"We've got 6,500 catch basins approximately in the city. Any help we can get from residents if they do know of a catch basin in front of their residence, and they are able to get out and clear that, it would deffinitally help us out," said Wightman.

Wightman says a slow melt is certainly easier to handle than a quick one, but we don't have any control over the weather.

"Definitely a rapid melt does provide more challenges than if it does melt slowly. But again, just the key there is making sure that all the infrastructure we do have in place to take this melting snow is clear, and able to do its job."

Environment Canada is calling for temperatures above zero starting today, and reaching plus-six tomorrow.

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