Crazy winter weather hasn't impacted snowpack

By James Peters / Doug Collins
January 10, 2017 - 6:54am Updated: January 10, 2017 - 10:49am

KAMLOOPS — The topsy-turvey winter hasn't done much to impact the snow pack in most of the province. So far, in the upper levels, it's been just business as usual in the higher elevations. 

The first Snowpack report of the year released yesterday show most of the province slightly below normal, including the North Thompson basin at 87 percent, and the South Thompson right at normal.

Dave Campbell from the River Forecast Centre says the up and down pattern of weather has been interesting to watch this winter, but it hasn't given us much beyond normal up in the mountains.

"In a very general sense," says Campbell, "we've had quite cold weather over the past month through December, and a warm month before that in November. "

Campbell adds, "those kinds of things working together have been playing a big role in what we've been seeing in the early season snowpack values."

Campbell says it's going to be the weather over the next few months which will determine what the runoff will be like in May and June. 

He says "lower elevation sites and weather stations have been reporting more snow than normal, but at the higher levels, where it's cold anyway, it's been fairly normal. "

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