False alarms eat up Kamloops Fire Rescue's time, resources

By James Peters
December 1, 2016 - 11:49am

KAMLOOPS — Kamloops Fire Rescue crews responded to 434 false alarms last year.

While that total is down slightly from previous years, City of Kamloops administrators are still looking at ways it could be reduced even further.

Corporate Services and Community Safety Director David Duckworth says that could include increasing fines to property owners who are the source of repeated false alarm calls.

"We have discussed internally what it may look like to review mechanisms to try to minimize the number of false alarms that our Kamloops Fire Rescue staff are dispatched to. We are not at that point right now, we are focused on RCMP false alarms," stated Duckworth.

Duckworth says many false alarm calls to KFR are due to maintenance work being done in commercial buildings.

Kamloops council dealt with false alarm calls to RCMP in a workshop last month, moving to stiffen fines for repeat offenders, and even stop responding in some cases.

Duckworth says staff will review similar measures for Kamloops Fire Rescue in due course.

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