City receiving mostly positive feedback on proposed pathway

By Jill Sperling
November 23, 2016 - 4:26pm Updated: November 23, 2016 - 5:32pm

KAMLOOPS — The City of Kamloops is hosting an open house tonight (Nov 23) for community members to learn about and weigh in on a proposed pathway connecting Sahali to downtown. 

Beginning on Summit Drive near Sa-Hali Secondary School the 3 metre wide, 1.7 km long multi-use pathway would make its way through Peterson Creek Park towards Glenfair Drive. 

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The city has been gathering public opinion through an online survey, which City of Kamloops transportation engineer Liam Baker says has been completed by nearly 900 people. 

"More than 90 per cent of them, in our estimation, are positive in support of the project which is always really nice to see," Baker said."Some of the suggestions we've been getting are around bathroom facilities, and garbage cans, and how to control dogs and things like that."

The project will not be an inexpensive one. The pathway is estimated to cost approximately $3.25 million.

"That includes pretty much all elements of the path," Baker said. "Gravel structure, the asphalt surfacing of the pathway itself, retaining walls. With the roadway there are challenges with grading and things like that where we'll have to build retaining walls. Path lighting is a really big cost. Three quarters of a million dollars alone is just to make sure the path is lit well enough so that it's safe for users." 

Once completed, the pathway would be wide enough for both cyclists and pedestrians to commute safely between Sahali and downtown, but the Kamloops Natural Areas Advisory Committee (KNAAC) is hoping construction won't compromise the safety of wildlife in Peterson Creek Park.

EXTRA: Map of proposed Peterson Creek Trail

"These bluffs here that border the road have some significant grasslands and natural habitat, and there is snake habitat there," said KNAAC co-chair Peter Findlay.

According to Baker, the pathway will be subject to an environmental assessment.

Findlay uses the trails through the park himself and believes the new pathway could be an excellent way for people to experience the park. 

"This will bring more people, visitors, and locals alike using this as a commuter route and then suddenly they enter Peterson Creek Nature Park and they'll recognize just the variety of other number trails that are available to them," Findlay said. "It really is a treasure that we have in Kamloops."

The open house begins at 6 p.m. at Sa-Hali Secondary School.

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