Krueger wants to provide more leadership at Kamloops Council table

By James Peters
November 23, 2016 - 2:39pm Updated: November 24, 2016 - 12:25pm

KAMLOOPS — Former Kamloops MLA Kevin Krueger says he is seriously considering a run at a seat on Kamloops council.

Krueger left politics in 2013 after serving as a BC Liberal MLA for 17 years.

"I'm keenly interested. My family isn't entirely sure it is a good idea for me to be back in the fray, but it seems to me it doesn't have to be a fray locally, there are many things I could contribute."

Krueger says it's not that he has a political itch that needs scratching, but he misses helping ordinary Kamloops residents.

"I just love getting things done for people, that was my favouite thing about being a MLA. I still run into people all the time who thank me. My wife and I can't seem to get through Costco without being stopped by five or so couples, and they are very appreciative. I loved working with people, and getting things done for them."

The former Government Whip has worked as a consultant since he re-entered private life, chiefly helping First Nations broker commercial and economic development agreements.

Over the weekend, Mayor Peter Milobar was nominated as the BC Liberal candidate in Kamloops-North Thompson, raising the possibility of a by-election in 2017.

Ken Christian has indicated his interest in running for mayor, and Krueger says he'd only consider taking a shot at the mayor's chair if Christian decided not to do the same.

"I would consider it, but I would rather be a councillor. If I knew Ken was running, I feel certain he would win, even though I don't know who else would put their hand up. He is such a measured, wise individual with such a tremendous background in public service himself that I would certainly not run against him."

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