Providing hope to women in need through the Shoebox Project

By Jill Sperling
November 17, 2016 - 11:56am

KAMLOOPS — Kamloops residents have an opportunity to brighten up the holidays for women in need this Christmas. 

The Shoebox Project for Shelters distributes gifts to homeless or at-risk women in Canada and the U.S.  The boxes are filled with special and practical items up to a $50 value in order to make the recipient feel cared for.

The boxes are set to be distributed to a number of shelters and institutions within Kamloops.

"Whatever the situation may be those are usually difficult times and it's so easy to just provide them with something special or to make them feel special," said local coordinator Monique Bastemeijer. "Little somethings like a nice shampoo, a nice body wash, chocolate (is) always good. Just to give them the attention and know that they are still a valued member of our community and that we still appreciate them." 

This will be the second year Kamloops is involved in the Shoebox Project. Last year 520 boxes were distributed throughout the community. 

The donations are already pouring in, and with a Dec. 9 deadline Kamloops residents still have a bit more time to put together shoeboxes to make a difference for women in need.

"It's so much fun," said Bastemeijer. "We definitely make a difference for these women, I've seen it first hand last year and it's so easy to make such a difference, and it's really heart warming."

For more information or to get involved go to or email [email protected]. Monique Bastemeijer can also be reached at 778-257-5563.

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