Attention passengers: NewLeaf delays return to Kamloops

By James Peters / Chad Harris
November 2, 2016 - 11:40am

KAMLOOPS — Discount carrier NewLeaf Travel says it won't be back to Kamloops this year, but hopes to return early in the new year.

Director of Corporate Communications Julie Rempel says the airline suspended service to Kamloops due to aircraft and crew availability, as well as load factors that weren't strong.

Rempel says the company hopes to test out new arrival and departure days when it resumes Kamloops service next year.

"A load factor played into it as well, and we want to make sure that we are offering service for residents of Kamloops, as well as people who are coming into Kamloops that we have the right days on our route map for Kamloops."

NewLeaf only served Kamloops for about three months beginning in late July, offering the city as a stopover on its route between Edmonton and Victoria.

"We do enjoy servicing Kamloops," said Rempel. "We think it is an emerging market for us. We just have to make sure it is going to be in keeping with our aircraft availability, as well as what works for people flying in and out of Kamloops." 

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