Man faces 19 charges of arson in Vernon

By Pete McIntyre
October 28, 2016 - 12:27pm

VERNON, B.C. — A Vernon man is now facing 19 charges of arson, including one for allegedly  burning down the grandstands at Kin Race Track in Vernon in July 2014.

55 year old William Munton has already been charged with four counts of arson, but the Crown added 15 more today.

He is also facing two charges of making or publishing child pornography and one of possession child porn.

The Vernon area saw more than two dozen intentionally set fires in 2014 including the one at the horse racing facility July 9.

"There are a variety of other charges related to properties including a ski boat, a motor home, a motor vehicle, some railway ties, a boat, wooden pallets, and a home under construction," says Dan McLaughlin from the Criminal Justice Branch.
Another fire on July 21, 2014 damaged hundreds of tree fruit boxes.

Munton was in court today and his charges were put over to Nov. 3rd for an arraignment.

Munton is not being held in custody.

"The arsons were a significant safety concern for our community," says Superintendent Jim McNamara, head of the Vernon-North Okanagan RCMP detachment. "We’re very pleased that additional charges related to our investigation have been laid, as it underscores the gravity of these offences."

Munton was arrested by RCMP on June 1, 2016.

Police say the charges relate to incidents that occurred from May 2014 to November 2014, and on 18 counts allege the suspect "did intentionally or recklessly cause damage by fire or explosion to property" to vacant buildings, boats, a motorhome, vehicles, pallets and a shed. Included in these 18 counts are the July 21, 2014 apple crate fire at BC Tree Fruits Cooperative and the July 9, 2014 fire to the Kin Race Track Grandstands.

There is also another charge that alleges Munton "did intentionally or recklessly cause damage by fire or explosion to property, a duplex under construction at 2706 41st Avenue, knowing or being reckless of the fact that the property was inhabited or occupied, contrary to Section 433(a) of the Criminal Code."

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