Creepy clown craze scares Kamloops

By James Peters / Chad Harris
October 12, 2016 - 3:48pm Updated: October 12, 2016 - 9:20pm

KAMLOOPS — School District 73 officials say the trend of frightening clowns popping up in odd places appears to have made its way to Kamloops, and its no laughing matter.

Director of Student Support Services Trish Smillie says several students have received scary clown posts on social media.

"We are taking these seriously and we are looking into them as they come up. Our intention is to ensure all of our students are safe at school and we are asking students and parents, if they know of any of these threats or have concerns, that they report those to the school principal," said Smillie.

Smillie says all of the district's staff have been trained on how to assess and respond to threatening behaviour.

"We have had a few instances of a few students receiving information about clowns on social media. The reports we have received from administrators were just that there have been some non-specific scary clown social media reports."

She adds, especially now that Halloween is coming up, students should remember who the safe adults are in their lives, and tell them if they notice anything suspicious.

"There are a lot of safe adults we have. We know parents are working together with schools to make sure all students are safe. We just want to make sure at this time, especially as we are coming toward Halloween, that students are really working together with the safe adults in their life to report any concerns."

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