Kamloops restaurant warning others about simple scam

By James Peters / Chad Harris
October 7, 2016 - 11:38am

KAMLOOPS — Employees at Frick and Frack Taphouse downtown say they want to warn other Kamloops eateries after they were taken by a clever scammer earlier this week.

Front of House Manager Amber Ayres says a man came in claiming he and his wife had ordered burgers for take-out the night before, specifically asking for no tomatoes because of allergies.

The man claimed their order contained tomatoes, forcing them to throw it out.

He demanded a cash refund, saying they were returning to the United States, making a gift card useless.

Ayres says the restaurant gave him 40 dollars, only to find out he had done the same thing to another restaurant, PDK Cafe, just days earlier.

"Unfortunately, it is all about making the customer happy and that's the bottom line. There is not much you can do at that point, but we just want people to be aware that there is somebody out there that is trying to scam. Hopefully this gets to them faster, and they have a chance to avoid this situation," explained Ayres.

Ayres adds it's a small amount of money, but that's probably why the scam is successful.

"He got quite heated with me when he didn't want to take a gift card. If I had thought about it again I would have just kindly told him, 'Unfortunately this is just procedure, and this is how we do things. Hopefully the next time you are in Canada, there is no expiry date, you can use it again.' By then, I think he might have said, 'Forget about it' and walked out."

"He was extremely clever - he knew our menus. I can`t say for what was said at PDK, but from the sounds of it he knew their menu as well. He is one step ahead of the game, so everyone needs to be careful."


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