Tiny home construction nears completion

By Jill Sperling
September 7, 2016 - 4:07pm Updated: September 7, 2016 - 5:33pm

KAMLOOPS — A local woman's tiny home is nearing completion, but creating the miniature living space has been no small task. 

Melanie Hewer has already sold her three-story home with plans to live with only the bare necessities in a 220 sq. ft. dwelling. 

Construction on the tiny home began in January, and would have been finished but for a few minor hiccups. 

"There was a few things that held it up," Hewer said, "like electrical waiting a few months, and so that's all finished off, so once the interior is complete then the electrical company comes back, finishes off putting the lights (in), hanging the chandeliers, those sort of things, and then the plumber will also come in and take care of his portion."

The home's exterior has been completely painted, and the porch only needs a few final touches. The interior still requires flooring and stairs to the loft. 

Hewer says the house should be complete by the end of October, but she still needs to purchase land before moving in. In the meantime, people love to stop by and see the progress she's making on the unique little home that has garnered much attention on social media.

"There's over 800 people on the Facebook page now," Hewer said, "so they're following from all over: the States, Prince George, the Kootenays, I believe there's a company in the Kootenays that builds (tiny homes), so a few have joined from the TV programs, and the news that they see. They just join and they follow along."

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