Sun Rivers for sale, focus shifts to land development

By Chad Klassen
August 4, 2016 - 12:09pm

KAMLOOPS — Sun Rivers says it's time to put the golf course and Hoodoos restaurant up for sale. The listing, through Colliers International, will be public by the end of the week, according to CEO Rick Siemens. The company ultimately wants to focus their effort on land development.

"We're a land-development company first off, and it was always our intention at some point to sell off the golf course," says Siemens. "It wasn't intended to be a long-term investment by the partners."

Siemens says there are still around 800 housing units to develop in the land above the golf course, and could take between eight to 10 years to finish, depending on the market. Sun Rivers Partnership is also looking at a possible hotel and other commercial property.

Sun Rivers offered their first units for sale in 2000, and now has 825 residential units in the community. Siemens says the sale to new owners, however, won't affect how the community operates.

"There will be conditions in the sale on how to operate the golf course and restaurant over its life," he says. "The community is fairly established and now we have a community association that will be running any community activities and events for the life of the project."

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