Search suspended for missing climber in Chilcotin

By Doug Collins
July 29, 2016 - 5:46am

ALEXIS CREEK —   Police and search crews have suspended the search for a missing 33-year old Seattle woman who went missing Sunday in the Waddington Mountain range in the Chilcotin. 

The woman had fallen while climbing. Laurel Fan had been among a group of three climbers who had flown into the site last week. The other two in the group made it back to base camp and summonsed help Monday morning.

However, several days of fruitless search by expert teams flown in to help led police to call off the search yesterday.

RCMP Corporal Dan Moskaluk said the woman had fallen several hundred feet, and snow conditions were extreme and dangerous, with signs of avalanche activity in the area.

Some of the crevasses the woman might have fallen into are so deep that they were literally unsearchable. 

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