Kamloops social agencies support Province's action on fentanyl

By Tanya Cronin
July 27, 2016 - 5:54pm

KAMLOOPS — Social agencies in Kamloops are applauding today's announcement by the Premier, saying it's a positive step forward in addressing what has become a deadly issue.     

The ASK Wellness Society has experienced the impact fentanyl can have first hand. Over the past 5 months, 22 fatalities have been reported in Kamloops, and the agency says the Fentanyl problem, has reached crisis levels.

"All of these folks that we're losing are somebody's child, they are somebody's mother, brother, sister, father, uncle, these are important, integral members of community and there's a reason why folks are suffering, and we can address the fentanyl crisis, but we also need to look at determinants of health," says Kira Haug, Harm Reduction Coordinator for Ask Wellness Society. 

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Chirsty Clark wants Ottawa to restrict access to devices that make pills, and implement stronger penalties for Fentanyl traffickers. ASK Wellness officals believe the premier's 4 pillar approach, engaging all parts of community to combat this powerful drug, is an encouraging move. 

"The problem is much bigger than any of us could have expected, and most of the fentanyl is coming from outside of Canada, and the pills look so authentic, so when folks are looking Oxycodone or Percocet and it looks real, that's super scary for folks just trying to alleviate chronic pain," says Haug.

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