City to decide on access to Owl Road landfill

By Doug Collins
July 26, 2016 - 6:32am

KAMLOOPS —  Kamloops Council will determine a course of action today (Tuesday) on accessibility to the old Owl Road landfill in Valleyview. Now known as the Kamloops Resource Recovery Centre, the facility was taken over by the city this year. Valleyview residents had expressed concern about access to the site, and wanted improvements made. City staff are recommending modification of the existing intersection with Owl Road to improve sightlines and safety, but they also want to look at long term objectives, to take into account residents' concerns about the access. They're proposing to monitor traffic volumes in the region, and tie that information in with a longer term review of the entire Valleyview Drive corridor. If those recommendations are approved, another report would come forward near the end of 2017 as a followup. 

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