RCMP still trying to identify remains found in Kamloops Lake

By James Peters
July 4, 2016 - 11:41am

KAMLOOPS — RCMP still have yet to confirm the identity of human remains found in Kamloops Lake on the weekend.

The body was found by a boater around the noon hour on Saturday.

Cst. Jason Epp says it doesn't appear there is anything suspicious connected with the person's death.

"It appears that the body was there for an extended period of time due to the decomposition," said Epp.

Epp adds finding remains in the lake is not uncommon around the beginning of July.

"It's pretty typical that we do find remains out either in the estuary where the river meets the lake, or the back eddies that come in. We don't tend to find remains in there often, but this is about the time of year when the high water tends to wash things down into the lake."

Epp notes investigators are checking historic missing persons cases as they try to uncover more details about who the person was and how the individual came to be in the lake.

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