RCMP keep grad party in check

By Doug Collins
June 30, 2016 - 5:24am Updated: June 30, 2016 - 10:18am

KAMLOOPS —  RCMP were out in force last night keeping track of a roving grad party.

Initially, the party was reported to be at the Inks Lake Forestry site, with 1600 grads attending.

Police and CP Police services members staked out the site, but word got around among the kids and the party was moved to Bachelor Heights.

Police followed them and again set up roadblocks.

Again the party moved, this time to Tranquille Road and Frederick Road out past the airport.

Police again followed the crowd.  

This action kept the party to a manageable level, and Staff Sergeant Robert Daly says it probably prevented some serious problems, keeping attendance below 300.

Police arrested two men from Kamloops for possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking.

They also issued several violation tickets and had to transport one female to hospital for treatment of problems associated with alcohol consumption.

They are also investigating one assault.

Other than an extremely messy party site which will require extensive cleanup, police say the situation was held relatively under control.

They say it could have escalated very quickly, but for the police action and the action of a number of parents who came to take their kids home. 

Increased wildfire activity expected