Reports of shots fired brings heavy police presence to McGill Rd

By Jill Sperling
June 25, 2016 - 12:04pm Updated: June 28, 2016 - 1:21am

KAMLOOPS —  RCMP say at least one man is in custody after reports of shots fired in Kamloops this morning. 

Sgt. Lorne Wood says witnesses reported seeing two men fighting in the 700 block of McGill Rd at approximately 11:20 a.m., when one man pulled out a gun and shots were fired.

"It's unknown by ... police at this time if anyone was struck by a bullet, we're still investigating that," Wood said.

Wood says both men fled the area, and police began searching for the suspects. 

"We did shut down the Superstore for a short period of time because one of the subjects was seen running in that direction last," Wood said. "we've since phoned the Superstore and told them they can re-open."

According to Wood, one man had been taken into custody shortly after the search began, but police continued to search for the second suspect.

The second suspect was located at a residence on McGill Rd and a lengthy standoff between ensued. Police resolved the situation peacefully after several hours.

RCMP have confirmed that a gun was recovered in the area that the men were first reported to be arguing. 

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