Okanagan rail trail fundraising rolling along

By Ron Manz
June 20, 2016 - 11:23am

VERNON, B.C. — It has now been a month since the launch of the Okanagan Rail Trail fundraising campaign.

To date, there have been some 250 donations totalling just under $200,000.

The goal is $7.8 million for the 48 kilometre trail on the former rail line between Coldstream and Kelowna.

Organizer Brad Clements says support keeps growing as individuals, service clubs and businesses come on board.

"Every week we're hearing businesses brain storming, coming up with ideas on how they can support the campaign through employees or matching programs or developing a product or supporting the campaign in every way. It is terribly exciting."

Clements says engineers are working on a phased-in schedule for construction so they can develop a timeline for donation deadlines.

"It will be something along the lines of 'okay we'll need x-million dollars to start the planning and construction of the first phase of the project.  Once we have that, then that give us some interim targets and some timelines to shoot for."

He is hoping to get those dates as soon as possible.

"Once we get these interim phases and those numbers shortly, and if we can raise a few million dollars this summer then that will start construction early next spring.  It's kind of in the hands of the community.  The quicker we can bring the money in, then the quicker we can have a trail."

Anyone can donate by visiting www.okanaganrailtrail.ca

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