Canuck the crow flies off with knife from crime scene in Vancouver

By The Canadian Press
May 26, 2016 - 1:06pm

VANCOUVER — A notorious character with prior run-ins with Vancouver Police briefly snatched a knife from a crime scene, but the cops aren’t recommending charges.

That’s because the knife thief is believed to be Canuck the Crow, an infamous bird with a dedicated social media following and more than 12,000 Facebook fans.

The incident unfolded after police shot and wounded a man in East Vancouver on Tuesday, prompting media including Vancouver Courier reporter Mike Howell to race to the scene.

Howell says he saw a crow swoop into an area taped off by police and pick up something, and then he watched an officer chase the bird for several metres before it dropped the object.

He says the crow had a red tag on its leg, as does Canuck, and Vancouver Const. Brian Montague confirms it’s not the first time the department has encountered the feathered foe.

Montague says an officer took a photo of the crow when it flew into a police cruiser and stole a button from the keyboard of an on-board computer.

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