Dissidents take over Williams Lake Indian Band office

By James Peters
May 25, 2016 - 11:24am

WILLIAMS LAKE, B.C. — RCMP are monitoring a tense situation at the Williams Lake Indian Band office.

A group of dissidents have taken over the office backing demands to speak with Chief Ann Louie about band policies.

Louie has been out of the country, and was unreachable for comment.

Corporal Dave Tyreman says it is the RCMP's job to simply monitor the situation.

"In any kind of dispute, you have to understand the RCMP remains impartial. Our job is public safety. We're there to make sure that things don't become violent, make sure everything goes well, it's peaceful,"

Tyreman notes Canadians have a Charter right to demonstrate, but officers will step in if any Criminal Code offences are committed.

"If this is a demonstration, or a protest, by all means under the Charter that is what everyone has the right to do. Again, we are there to keep the peace, and should things actually change where a criminal offence does occur, at that point we will step in and enforce Criminal Code."

CONTENT WARNING: Video contains foul language

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