Stiffer fines for school bus infractions

By The Canadian Press
May 16, 2016 - 3:50pm Updated: May 16, 2016 - 6:06pm

VICTORIA — BC is more than doubling the fines for drivers who fail to stop for school buses with flashing lights.

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Todd Stone says the move to hike the fine to 368 dollars came after a review found the previous fine of 167 dollars was among the lowest in Canada, and not enough to deter drivers.

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“It is important that all motorists understand that passing a school bus with flashing lights is dangerous and puts children’s lives at risk,” said Stone in a news release. “I want to thank the many parents, school bus drivers and school trustees who have brought this issue to the public’s attention. It’s a result of their tireless advocacy that we have increased the fines to send a message that the safety of our children must come first when driving near school buses.”

Drivers will continue to receive three penalty points on top of the increased fine if they ignore flashing school bus lights and pass the vehicles.

The province says to date, no child has died while getting on or off a school bus but 14 have been injured.

Are higher fines for distracted driving and passing school buses when picking up and dropping off students, enough of a deterrent to curtail such behaviour?

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