Tenants of notorious North Shore home evicted

By Tanya Cronin
April 28, 2016 - 12:32pm Updated: April 28, 2016 - 6:08pm

KAMLOOPS — Law enforcement officers have kicked out the residents living at a problematic Brocklehurst home. Acting on a court order, Bailiffs converged on the Parkcrest Avenue home Thursday, to inform the tenants they have been evicted.

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The home has caused nothing but problems - and RCMP have been called to the residence countless times - to deal with various criminal activity.

It's usually a sad day when the moving truck pulls in, and your neighbour moves out. But nobody living on this North Shore street is sad to see the tenants of a notorious home go.

"I don't think any of the people that were in here really wanted to move, however, they have no choice, there's a little bit of animosity," says Craig Thomson, Court Bailiff.

1699 Parkcrest Avenue, a home that has plagued the neighbourhood with suspected drug activity for months, and on Sunday was at the centre of a targeted shooting that lead to several arrests. Thursday, Court Bailiffs vacated the home, with the help of Kamloops RCMP, they ordered the tenants to get out.  

"This eviction order was in place before the weekend, but after hearing the events of the weekends, we felt it was prudent for our own safety and the safety of everyone around, to have the police presence to keep the peace while we initially got the action going and convinced the people it was moving day."

"We do know the people who own the house have been working to have these people removed from the house for a while now," says Cpl. Jodi Shelkie of Kamloops RCMP.

RCMP have been called to the residence several times for various complaints over the past year. Suspicions of drug activity, outstanding warrants, and several other incidents.

"At that house on Parkcrest there's a of transient people that go in and out, and some of those transient people are known criminals, they have criminality behind them and we go there, it's not always the same people, but we have been there quite a few times dealing with different people with different issues."

Neighbouring residents are breathing a sigh of relief that the people who have been living in this home are finally gone. Somewhat fearful of reprisal, nobody would talk to us on camera, but they did say the home has been problematic. and they're grateful to finally be getting what was once a quiet neighbourhood, back.

People coming and going at all hours of the night and day, has ended. But the job of the RCMP isn't over, and officers will keep a close eye on where these tenants will move to next. 
"There's these houses there and whether it's drugs happening out of this house or other issues that are going on, unfortunately, they're in different neighbourhoods throughout Kamloops, these people are leaving, but at the same time they'll be moving to another neighbourhood no doubt," says Cpl. Shelkie

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