Well known ALS spokesman dies

By Tanya Cronin
April 18, 2016 - 12:32pm Updated: April 18, 2016 - 2:12pm

KAMLOOPS — The ALS community has lost one its leading spokespeople.

Rick Dunbar lost his battle with the disease, early Saturday morning. Just two weeks ago, Dunbar was honoured by the ALS Society with the 2016 Exceptional Public Awareness Program Award, for his work in raising funds and awareness around ALS. Dunbar was diagnosed in August of 2013, since then he has dedicated his life to raising money and awareness around the debilitating disease.  

"The journey for my family, friends, and it's amazing just to talk to people about ALS, let them know what happens, we have careaid people coming in and it's amazing how many of them ask what happens, nobody knows, it's a disease that knocks you off your feet, and eventually does you in, but in the meantime let's make it aware to everybody, that's my goal," says Rick Dunbar. 

Rick Dunbar was a member of both the Kamloops walk for ALS committee - and golf tournament of hope. His courage and determination to help find a cure for ALS - has been unprecedented, he work as an advocate for others facing the illness head-on will never be forgotten.

"I thank all the people behind because they did the work, I'm just the guy out front that's there, it just helps me know that my friends and family are all behind us on this," says Dunbar.

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