B.C. won't take the lead on change to food labeling

By James Peters
April 9, 2016 - 8:23am

KAMLOOPS — BC's Health Minister says he likes an innovative food labeling idea out of Great Britain, but he won't push for the change in this province.

The idea would see food labels simplified, and include the exercise required to burn off the calories present in the food.

Terry Lake says it's a good idea, but the federal government would need to take the lead.

"Would we do that provincially? Probably not," Lake said. "Because I think these things are best done at a federal level, because then manufacturers, 
restaurants, and food producers have a consistent set of rules across the country.

"That makes compliance of enforcement much easier."

 Lake adds years ago he trained himself to calculate how long it would take him to work off certain foods.

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