Fire prohibition planned in the Cariboo

By James Peters
March 30, 2016 - 11:40am

KAMLOOPS — It's not even April, but a fire prohibition is already planned for the Cariboo Fire Centre.

As of noon next Monday, any fire larger than a campfire will be prohibited.

Fire Information Officer Emily Epp says these prohibitions are typically instituted around mid-April, and last year's ban came into force on April 23.

"This year with the dry conditions that we are seeing, and the number of human-caused fires, we've had 13 fires already in the Cariboo Fire Centre that have burned a total of 42 hectares. We are just putting these prohibitions in to prevent more preventable wildfires."

Epp adds if residents try to finish up their slash and open burning before next Monday, they should pay attention to wind conditions and watch their fires very carefully.

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