Kamloops woman turns 103-years old

By Tanya Cronin
March 17, 2016 - 4:47pm Updated: March 17, 2016 - 5:52pm

KAMLOOPS — There's no time to celebrate like St. Patrick's Day. But for Frances Watt, this holiday goes well beyond Irish cheer and green flare. Frances is ringing in her 103rd birthday.

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"Like any other day really, except for the excitement of the interview this morning, which doesn't happen everyday," says Frances Watt.

Born March 17th, 1913 just outside of London, England - it was a very different era. Fashion saw people adorned in period pieces, it was a time when women didn't have the right to vote, and it was the dawn of he automobile. Looking back, Frances says it's amazing to see how the world has changed.

"As change happens, you don't really notice it that much, then you look back and think, oh we couldn't do that, we didn't have cell phones, we didn't have all the opportunities that people have now, young people, it's wonderful."

With more than 10 decades of life under her belt, Frances has experienced it all. She has seen major inventions and accomplishments, everything from radios, televisions, telephones and space travel. And, she is one of the very few people who has lived through 2 World Wars.

"I recall the first Remembrance Day, standing in the garden with my mother and one of my brothers and we stood there for 2 minutes, that's memorable."

"She has a wonderful memory, vibrant personality and she's extremely independent in everything she does, she gets up in the morning, makes her bed, gets dressed, makes her breakfast," says Sandy Watt, Frances' son.

That discipline and healthy lifestyle has a lot to do with the way she is today. Her son Sandy says his mother's 100th birthday bash was a milestone, and he feels privileged to celebrate again 3 years later.  

"We're very lucky, and every one of her children, all 5 of her children are all alive as well, it's remarkable in that sense." 

Frances' days are filled with activities, she goes for walks and practices chair yoga. You would would never know she's 103, a number very few people will ever see. At 100, she was still painting beautiful landcapes, her work displayed in her home and several art galleries. Frances says that has been just one of the secrets to keeping her young.   

"Exercise and lots of good fresh air and good homeade meals, pretty good," says Watt.    

While it amazes others, Frances Watt remains unfazed by her longevity. She says she'll keep moving and staying positive, and it's hoped there will be a pot of luck for many more years to come. 

"We're planning the next year, I'll have to write my memoir or something like that, should be fun."

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