Mattress thief caught on camera

By James Peters
March 9, 2016 - 1:50pm

KAMLOOPS — The managers of Penny Pinchers on Fortune Drive is wondering how a local thief can sleep at night after stealing a mattress Monday evening.

Video surveillance shows the man casing the store for two and a half hours before making off through a back door with the 600-dollar mattress.

Store manager Gwen McKay says the store is offering 200 dollars for information leading to the man's arrest.

"Somebody already mentioned that they know he is a thief in town. They don't know his name, but they have seen him around before. I just want this to stop, he is probably stealing from other stores too," said McKay, adding, "It's hard for us, because we do so much for the community, and it makes us sad at the same time as angry, just because we are here to help the community out, and then someone comes and does this to us." 

McKay says the man was driving a white late model small pickup truck.

If you have any information, please direct it to Kamloops RCMP

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