Kamloops RUNClub kicks off Boogie Training Clinics

By Adam Donnelly
March 7, 2016 - 4:04pm

KAMLOOPS — Spring is a time of new beginnings, and rebirth; while there’s still two weeks left until the official start of the season, Jo Berry and rest of the RUNClub has started training for Boogie the Bridge, kicking off the first of it’s training clinics yesterday morning.

On Friday, we had a story about best way to get ready to train for the 2016 Boogie the Bridge event, taking place April 24th.

For many Bridge Boogiers, the logical next step is joining RUNClub for their first training clinic of the new year, which is geared towards getting people ready for Boogie. It was just two years ago that JM Ledet first joined RUNClub, at the urging of friend and fellow runner, Terry Lowe. “Two years ago, I would definitely not have been a runner,” said Ledet. “With joining the RUNClub… I’ve managed to lose 50lbs.”

You’ll hear all sorts of stories like his when you first arrive at RUNClub. Stories of people transforming themselves themselves through their participation. Jenn Rensch decided to join after she volunteered at the 10K turnaround station during the 2012 edition of Boogie the Bridge. “There were runners and walkers, all ages, and shapes, and fitness levels,” Jenn recounted about her volunteer experience. “Seeing it in person, how all these people coming through that station were smiling, and laughing, and high-fiving, and having this good time running I was like, ‘Hey, that’s something I can do!’”

Rensch said the support offered by everyone else in run club helped keeps her motivated, and coming back to train: “You go at your own pace, and more importantly, you’re never left behind, so you really are part of this [RUNClub] group.” Ledet said connecting with the people is what drives him to keep coming, week in, and week out: “There’s the physical aspect of it, getting in shape and all that” he said, “but it really is about the people.”

According to these two RUNClub veterans, the benefits go far beyond feeling better, physically. JM Ledet said “The difference is, really, just feeling good. Mentally, as well as physically.” Jenn Rensh’s experience has been similar. “I’m a happier person, and I actually like being outside,” she said. “Emotionally, it has changed my life.”

The next RUNClub session is on Thursday March 10th at 6:00 pm. There are programs for every level of runner, from beginners, to more seasoned athletes. RUNClub caters to anyone who wants to get out and move.

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