Discounted rain barrels offered by the City of Kamloops

By Chad Harris
March 4, 2016 - 3:01pm

KAMLOOPS — While we may live in a second driest city in Canada (next to Whitehorse) the City of Kamloops is offering a deal to Kamloops residents, in a effort to promote green technology. 

The city has arranged a contract with EnviroWorld to offer discounted rain barrels for a price of $55.

Rain barrels are used to collect water runoff from roofs and gutters and store it for future use, such as watering plants, or watering lawns.

Some features of the barrels are that they can store 55 gallons (Approx. 200 litres) of water, they can reduce runoff to storm drains and they can also contribute to erosion prevention efforts.

Environmental Educator with the City Jamie Garbutt told CFJC Midday, "There is a screen net on the barrels, so you don't have to worry about mosquitoes, the lid does screw in so you also don't have to worry about animals falling in, or small children climbing on it." 

In order to receive the discounted promotional price, residents of Kamloops or the TNRD must place their order by April 15, and pick the barrels up at the Green Living Expo on April 30 at Sandman Centre. 

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