Provincial funding to support healthier drinking habits

By Jessica Lepp
March 2, 2016 - 5:02pm

KAMLOOPS — The Province of B.C. is financially supporting the development of healthier drinking habits at post secondary institutions after announcing a 400-thousand dollar investment.

A 2013 National College Health Assessment Canadian Survey found 26% of post secondary students admitted to having seven or more drinks the last time they consumed alcohol.

39% of students who drank said they later regretted something they did while under the influence.

Thompson Rivers University will be one of the recipients of a portion of the funding and will use it to help create best practices to support students.

TRU has implemented the "Drink with Class" initiative which is centered on the philosophy of not telling students what not to do rather trying to create healthier behaviors.

Brandon de Krieger is the Residence Services Supervisor at TRU.

He says, "basically there are many layers to this program. One of them being good hosts, that say if you're going to host a function with alcohol or not, here's how to be a great host. Another element is our post party chats which have been super effective, which allows us to have real conversations with our students."

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