Ajax supporters present to Kamloops council

By James Peters
February 24, 2016 - 12:13pm

KAMLOOPS — Two prominent local businessmen appeared before council yesterday, February 23, talking about the potential positives of having the KGHM-Ajax copper-gold mine adjacent to the city.

Both Jim Thomson of Plainsman Construction and Mark Brown of Northern Trailer said the job potential could be tremendous for the city, many times more positive than the BC Lottery Corporation when it set up shop in Kamloops years ago.

Thomson says no one wants a recurrence of the 80s, when business dried up in Kamloops and many had to leave to find work elsewhere.

He and Brown urged the city to keep an open mind on the project, suggesting that if the environmental assessment shows the mine can be built safely, the city should support it.

The delegation appeared yesterday as part of council's relaxed regulations for those wanting to offer opinions on the project during the public review portion of the assessment process. 

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