Protest against biosolids in Clinton

By Jessica Lepp
February 7, 2016 - 3:35pm

CLINTON, B.C. — About a dozen protesters hit the streets of Clinton this weekend after a truck hauling biosolids flipped and spilled its load of sewage sludge into a creek bed.

Georgia clement with the friends of the Nicola Valley, who has long been raising concerns about bio solids, says there are serious health risks.

“This dump actually got into one of the creeks up there and who knows what the significant damage was. They managed to curtail it and suck up a lot of it, but there's microorganisms that are getting loose there and going everywhere. It's a danger and apparently this isn't the first time there's been a spill on that road,” says Clement.

The truck was taking the biosolids from the RDCO's sewage plant near West Kelowna to the OK Ranch in the south Cariboo, and crashed on Big Bar Road.

A total of 5 cubic metres spilled, though the Ministry of Environment says there is little risk to the public.

A dozen protesters including residents from Merritt held signs in Clinton Saturday raising their concern with biosolids.




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