Parking changes now in effect at the TCC

By James Peters
February 2, 2016 - 11:55am

KAMLOOPS — Parking at the Tournament Capital Centre is getting easier.

Starting today, February 2nd, TCC patrons won't have to register their license plates before 8am in the morning and after 5pm in the evening during weekdays.

And license plate registration won't be required at all during weekends.

Business Operations Supervisor Wendy Snelling says parking at the TCC has always been free, but the hassle of plate registration is unnecessary during all hours in which the facility was open.

"We felt that we didn't actually need to mange our parking quite as much for some of the times where we are less busy, like after 5pm and before 8am and certainly on weekend," said Snelling. 

Snelling notes the parking kiosk screens have been upgraded, and there are now two kiosks in the TCC lobby.

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