Third solution for Third Avenue crossing

By James Peters
January 27, 2016 - 4:13pm

KAMLOOPS — City of Kamloops officials are trying another potential solution to keep pedestrians safe when they exit the Sandman Centre following Kamloops Blazers games.

City officials have been working with CP Rail and Transport Canada to address pedestrian safety issues around the Third Avenue rail crossing.

During the last home game last week, barricades were erected herding fans toward the pedestrian bridge over the tracks.

That caused several other problems, and CAO David Trawin says a new solution will be tried this weekend.

"For Friday and Saturday's games there will be baricades, but the baricades will be just North of the tracks so people will still be allowed to follow the sidewalks down Third Avenue," said Trawin.

Trawin adds RCMP and by-law officers will spring into action if the rail warning signals start, erecting barriers to keep pedestrians from trying to cross the tracks while the warning arms are down.

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