KAPA raising red flag over KGHM proposal

By Jessica Lepp
January 14, 2016 - 4:51pm Updated: January 15, 2016 - 12:27pm

KAMLOOPS — It's a major milestone for KGHM who is proposing the Ajax mine south of city limits.

On Monday KGHM will officially be submitting it's application to the Environmental Assessment Office.

Ahead of that the Kamloops Area Preservation Association is sounding the alarm because the application includes a wet tailings pond.

Monday marks a big step forward for KGHM who will officially submit their 18 thousand page mine proposal to the province's EAO.

With the application going public next week KGHM believes their report on Ajax is thorough and is confident it will answer many of the public's questions.

But KAPA, who is an opponent of the project, is raising concern with the mines application which will include a wet tailings pond.

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And in light of the August 2014 tailings pond breach at Mt Polley, KAPA spokesperson John Schleiermacher considers it a safety hazard.

“That's totally against by what is recommended by the Mt Polley panel review which concluded a year ago and they are going to proceed with wet tailings pond, probably to save money. they're going to expose our community to more risk in favor of creating more profit for the company,” says Schleiermacher.

KAPA says they will be focusing on other areas which KGHM could cut corners potentially compromising the health and safety of residents.

“When Mr Lecasse spoke to council in may 2013 he promised council our community would get information as it becomes available. We've received nothing in close to 3 years and we're going to be buried with 18 thousand pages.

KGHM also intends to unveil a website dedicated solely to it's application.

“It could be as early as Monday evening, Tuesday at latest. We're going to be launching our own website and the website will have all of the reports as well as the plain language summaries and the fact sheets,” says KGHM External Affairs Manager Yves Lecasse.

Once Ajax submits it's proposal to the EAO, the province has a maximum of 180 days to complete it's review.

This will coincide with a 75 day public comment period before the Environment Minister decides whether to grant an EA certificate.

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