Parking lot heist at Walmart

By Doug Collins
January 12, 2016 - 5:20am Updated: January 12, 2016 - 10:33am

KAMLOOPS —  RCMP looking for thieves who stole a pickup from the Walmart parking lot during business hours last night. Corporal Jodi Schelkie says it happened about 6:45 last night. 

Schelkie says Walmart surveillance footage last night showed thieves making off with a pickup truck from the parking lot about 6:45 PM. She says there were two men visible on the surveillance footage. One person got into the stolen pickup, and left the parking lot, followed by a second vehicle driven by a second suspect. 

The stolen pickup itself was a blue and silver 1996 Dodge 2500 pickup. The unique load was an A-frame wooden box in the box. On the A-frame were four slabs of quartz. The stolen truck also had after market headlights and a missing windshield wiper on the passenger side. No real description of the suspects themselves from the surveillance footage. Corporal Schelkie says anyone with information on the heist is asked to call the RCMP or Crimestoppers. 

The second vehicle  involved was  a silver duellie Ford, single cab, with a handmade wooden box on the back. 

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