Fulton Cup day two scores and finals times

By Earl Seitz
December 18, 2015 - 5:33am

Thursday Fulton Cup scores and finals:

Sr. boys:    Valleyview 53 St. Anns 37
                  Norkam 84 Barriere 48
                  Sa-Hali 61 St. Anns 49

                  1/2nd: Westsyde vs Valleyview 7:15pm
                  3/4th: Norkam vs Sa-Hali 4:30pm
                  5/6th St. Anns vs Barriere 2:45pm

Sr. girls:    Norkam 68 Sa-Hali 24
                 Valleyview 33 St. Anns 25
                  Westsyde 56 Sa-Hali 39

                  1st/2nd: South Kam vs Norkam 5:30pm
                  3rd/4th: Westsyde vs Valleyview 4pm
                  5th/6th: Sa-Hali vs St. Anns 1pm

Jr. boys:    Westsyde 74 St. Anns 11
                  Sa-Hali 69 Norkam 49
                  Valleyview 44 St. Anns 19

                  1st/2nd: Sa-Hali vs Westsyde 5:45pm
                  3rd/4th: South Kam vs Valleyview 2:30PM
                  5th/6th: Norkam vs St. Anns 1pm

Jr. girls:     South Kam 69 Valleyview 11
                  Sa-Hali 25 St. Anns 18
                  Norkam 43 Valleyview 37

                  1st/2nd: South Kam vs Westsyde 4pm
                  3rd/4th: Norkam vs Sa-Hali 2:30pm
                  5th/6th: Valleyview vs St. Anns 1pm    

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