TRU Vice President named in civil suit

By James Peters
October 30, 2015 - 1:37pm

A former Kamloops strip club owner is suing Thompson Rivers University's Vice President of Advancement after an alleged 2013 dog attack.

Christine Rae, who owned the Rendezvous Hotel before it closed in 2008 has named Christopher Seguin in a Statement of Claim totaling nearly $25,000.

Rae claims while on a walk in June of 2013 her therapy dog was severely injured by an aggressive German shepherd who had roamed from an address on Seventh Avenue. Her suit initially named the owners of the address but in their counter statement they claim not to reside there and that the address is a rental property. Seguin's name was added two months ago.

Rae claims to suffer from agoraphobia with anxiety disorder and says her walking route and therapy dog had allowed her to leave her home and live her life.

None of the claims made by Rae have been proven or tested in court.

When contacted by CFJC News, Seguin declined to comment saying the issue is before the courts. 

The Rendezvous was shut down in 2008 and Rae served jail time after investigation revealed the property was involved in the drug trade.

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