Kamloops rider podium's at Red Bull Rampage

By Earl Seitz
October 16, 2015 - 6:44pm

It's the Super Bowl of world free ride mountain biking.
The Red Bull Rampaage in Utah.
Where Kamloops pro rider Graham Agassiz finished on the podium in the finals today.
For the third year in a row Agassiz qualified in the number one spot yesterday.
After winning the qualification Agassiz led the pack for most of the first round ----- it was a best out of two runs event.
Late in the second round the event was called because of dangerous wind conditions.
Without being able to compete in the second round Agassiz's first run was still strong enough to reach the podium in third place.
His score was 94.75 to a 96.5 for the gold medal rider.

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