Manslaughter trial underway in Kamloops

By Jessica Lepp
October 16, 2015 - 6:43pm

A trial for a Kamloops man charged in the death of his roommate got underway this week. David Gordon is alleged to have started a fire that eventually tore through a house on St Paul Street and claimed the life of Cheryl William. But today the jury heard Gordon was initially arrested for criminal negligence causing death days before William actually died.

David Gordon is standing trial charged with manslaughter and arson after the incident at this home at 972 St Paul Street in the early morning of April 25th 2013. William, who was living in the home at the time, suffered smoke inhalation and died four days later in hospital. 

Today in B.C. Supreme Court former RCMP Constable Rose Dunsmore told the jury she was directed to go into the cell block at the RCMP detachment and tell Gordon he was arrested for criminal negligence causing death. Defence Lawyer Ken Tessovitch questioned if she knew someone had actually died to which Dunsmore said she did not. Dunsmore testified Gordon appeared confused with who he was charged with harming and said he wanted a lawyer. When reading him his rights Dunsmore said Gordon told her "I didn't kill my wife. You got the wrong guy". Dunsmore says she had him lie face down on the cement floor where all of his clothing was removed and he was given a smock. 

Forensic Identification Officer Corporal Sheri Mancini testified she received the call of an arson and went into the police detachment where she ensured the suspects clothes were seized so they could be tested for fire remnants or an accelerant. She says she also took swabs of Gordon's hands. Corporal Mancini described him as uncooperative and agitated while making strange remarks. She said the accused told her she was "uninvited to his wedding". He told her to stop looking up his dress and warned her that she was going to get the worst of it, referring to beating her up. The officer said she took photos of Gordon's hands and arms noting he had stitches horizontally across his arm. Corporal Mancini said he told her he slit his wrists using a steak knife. Court is expected to hear audio recordings including a confession from Gordon.

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