Taylor Trial Day 9: Final witness testifies

By Jessica Lepp
October 8, 2015 - 6:17pm

The final witness testified in Damien Taylor's jury trial in B.C. Supreme Court today. Taylor is charged with the second degree murder of his 16 year old girl friend C.J. Fowler in December 2012. Her body was found near Guerin Creek crushed beneath a concrete slab. Toxicologist Audrey Jaks was the last witness to testify in Taylor's trial. Jaks told the 11 person jury that someone who uses drugs to the amount Taylor claimed he had is consistent with binge use. She says she was informed Taylor had an addiction to crystal meth and used high amounts in the days leading up to Fowler's death. Jaks testified symptoms from such a binge can include immediate euphoria followed by a crash phase that can last up to 24 hours after. She said it's common to see symptoms that include paranoia, anxiety, hallucinations and fatigue. The jury has heard that Taylor accompanied Fowler at Royal Inland Hospital the morning of her death. Fowler was complaining of chest pain she feared was related to crystal meth use and later received the news she was pregnant.

Earlier today Crown completed it's cross examination of forensic psychiatrist Dr Sunette Lessing. She assessed Taylor for eight hours and said he told her he was hearing voices, was anxious and had a paranoia of drug dealers and gangsters. But Crown lawyer Iain Currie said that appears inconsistent with his willingness to give detailed information to RCMP about the drug scene in Kamloops. Earlier in the trial, Taylor told the jury he had a drug psychosis after consuming crystal meth among other drugs leading up to Fowler's death. Dr Lessing insisted it was possible Taylor was having a psychotic episode when Fowler died. But Crown also accused Dr Lessing of showing favour for the accused and asked why she only chose to relay what Taylor told her about his condition yet failed to mention the fact that his grandmother described him as an intelligent person. Crown will give it's closing submission on Tuesday and the Justice is expected to charge the jury Wednesday morning.

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