Image Credit: CFJC Today

Months after Kamloops man proves he's alive, wife receives notice she's a widow

By Jill Sperling
January 7, 2018 - 12:51pm Updated: January 8, 2018 - 5:36pm

KAMLOOPS — How much does one man have to do to prove he's alive?

That's the frustration Kamloops man Bryan Kupiak is still enduring, months after his social insurance number was mixed up with his mother's on her death certificate. 

Image Credit: CFJC Today

Multiple affordable housing projects to be announced in Kamloops in coming months

By Jill Sperling
January 7, 2018 - 9:10am

KAMLOOPS — Kamloops can expect a number of affordable housing announcements in the coming months.

Mayor Ken Christian says City Council is actively working on a multi-pronged approach to bringing more affordable housing to the city, and reducing homelessness.