Louis Tomlinson challenges Niall Horan to a rap battle

November 7, 2017 - 7:00am

Louis Tomlinson has challenged his former One Direction Niall Horan bandmate to a rap battle. It all started when Irish X Factor hopefuls Sean and Conor Price sailed through their second live show on Saturday with praise from all the judges.

Tomlinson, whose own career kicked off on the ITV talent show, took to Twitter to say, "I like these little Irish lads but enough with the rapping."

Horan, the lone Irishman in One Direction, took the tweet as a personal affront and responded in jest with a plug for his own rapping abilities. "Stop talking about me like that, I'll rap if I want. You know I can spit bars," Horan wrote.

That set off series of humorous tweets, with Tomlinson suggesting they settle things once and for all. "Lad you're forgetting I taught you everything you know #raplife #donnysoldier," Tomlinson replied. "True dat !! Forgot the Yorkshire lads are known for rap as well hahaha," Horan responded.

Then Tomlinson threw down a challenge: "maybe we should settle this ... 64 bars ?"


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