Miley Cyrus tweets condolences to Jimmy Fallon

November 7, 2017 - 6:30am

Miley Cyrus is a frequent Tonight Show guest, having made a whopping 12 appearances on the series since Jimmy Fallon became host in 2015.

When Miley heard the news that Fallon's mother passed away on Saturday at age 68 she sent some heartfelt tweets expressing condolences to her friend.

"I'm sad to say my friend Jimmy's mother has passed away... sending him all the love in my heart...Keep smilin Jimmy....." she wrote. "I know it's tough to do when we lose someone we care about, I couldn'timage not havin my mama.... I am so sorry ...."

Last month, Miley did a week-long "residency" on Fallon's show where she promoted her new album Younger Now and hobnobbed with guests like Hillary Clinton. Fallon's family announced his mother Gloria's death in a statement over the weekend: