The Story of Harry Styles and the Kiwi

November 2, 2017 - 6:15am

In an act of audience participation, fans in England have been tossing kiwis onstage at Harry Styles' shows when the former One Directioner performs the song "Kiwi."

On Monday, Styles slipped on one of the fruits during a concert at the Hammersmith Apollo and nearly fell.

"Quick thing," he said after recovering his balance and composure. "As some of you may have seen, I may have slipped over on... There was an actual kiwi onstage and that was the culprit. There was a green - green, seedy mush on the floor. Oh, there's another one. This could end up being a problem."

Styles then restarted the song "Kiwi" without incident. The singer booked two dates at the venue as part of his UK tour for his self-titled debut solo album.