Taylor Swift & Cyborgs: Watch Here

October 30, 2017 - 6:30am

Taylor Swift released the music video for the second single off her upcoming album Reputation on Friday, and it's a doozy.

The clip for " … Ready For It?" follows two versions of Swift - one shrouded in a dark cloak and hood, and one a metamorphosing android - as they face off inside a concrete bunker. The cloaked Swift appears to be bested by her cyborg counterpart in the Joseph Kahn-directed production, which calls back to such robotic films as Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, and Ex Machina.

The cyborg Swift stands out more than the other thanks to the fact that she pretty much looks naked. Of course, she's not actually naked - she is wearing a body suit. But it set tongues wagging.

Some were totally on board, writing things like, "Taylor Swift used to be a victim of body shaming for being too skinny it feels good to see her feeling secured and proud of her body."

But others took to Twitter to accuse her of digitally enhancing her body, and think the Taylor in the video was fake.

The singer took to Instagram Stories to address the comments, posting a series of photos of herself in the body suit, writing, "It truly warms my heart people had so much to say about this bodysuit."

Swift also seemingly dedicates the video to her new boyfriend, British actor Joe Alwyn. Some of the Easter Eggs folks have found indicating that include:

  • In the first few moments of the music video, Swift is seen singing in a black hoodie in front of graffiti. Noticeably behind her left shoulder are the numbers "89" and "91" written in red and yellow spray paint. 1989 clearly references Swift's birth year, while 91 seems to be a nod to Alywn's birth year of 1991. The sign comes right before Swift sings, "Younger than my exes/But he act like such a man."
  • Before Swift walks into an abandoned warehouse where a cyborg version of herself awaits, she has to punch a secret code. The code just so happens to be the numbers "2" and "1." It appears to signify her boyfriend's birthday. Alywn, 26, was born on February 21.
  • Swift put Chinese characters, which mean Joseph in English, hidden in the video. It's her boyfriend's full name. But it could also be a nod to the music video's director of the same first name.
  • Swift felt about Joe's name on a wall in with a halo above it.

Swift released Reputation's first music video in August, for lead single "Look What You Made Me Do." The album, Swift's sixth, hits shelves November 10th.


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