Katy Perry Celebrates

October 27, 2017 - 7:00am

Wednesday marked Katy Perry's 33rd birthday and she says she's going to "Roar" louder than ever before. "Happy new year for me… gonna make this one an even more powerful and transformative one," the singer wrote on Twitter.

She also included a hashtag for Jupiter in Scorpio, noting Jupiter's transit through the constellation Scorpio that signifies a time when Scorpios - her astrological sun sign - are urged to pursue their goals and heart's desires more than ever before.

Perry has been transforming her image since the announcement and release of her fifth album Witness earlier this year, and has been busy performing on her worldwide Witness tour.

Perry also received love from a few celebrity friends, including Niall Horan and Ellen DeGeneres. She even received well wishes from UNICEF, for which she's a Goodwill Ambassador.