Val Kilmer Accused of Punching an Actress

October 26, 2017 - 7:00am

A former actress told BuzzFeed News that she is ignoring her confidential settlement from nearly 30 years ago so that she can openly discuss being punched by Val Kilmer during an audition for the Oliver Stone-helmed The Doors.

Caitlin O'Heaney, who is best known for playing Sarah Stickney White in the 1980s ABC series Tales of the Gold Monkey, says the allegations against Harvey Weinstein inspired her to speak out.

  • She says she auditioned for the lead female role in The Doors, a role that eventually went to Meg Ryan. During the auditions, she read a scene that involved a verbal altercation between her character and Kilmer's, Jim Morrison.
  • "When I got to the room," O'Heaney told Buzzfeed News, "and Val Kilmer picked me up and shaked me, throwing me down to the floor…. Stone just stood there the whole time laughing." After that audition, Stone allegedly said to her, "That got kind of wild."
  • She says she retreated to her car and cried. Later, she filed a complaint with police.
  • O'Heaney says the only reason she signed the NDA is that she was "traumatized" and "against my better judgment, I signed that document, which says I can never speak about this. If this was something that happened nowadays, I wouldn't sign it."
  • “Vict and susp (actor) were reading a script for a movie role, susp became angry and stuck vict on her face with his closed fist. Susp grabbed vict and pushed her to the floor. Susp jumped on vict + held her down,” the police report obtained by BuzzFeed reads.
  • BuzzFeed also obtained the settlement agreement, which she, her lawyer, Kilmer, Stone and their lawyer signed. She was reportedly paid $24,500 as part of the settlement. After attorneys fees and taxes, however, she ended up with around $8,000.
  • She adds that after the incident, her career faltered and her agent told her that "absolutely nobody" would see her for a reading or audition. O'Heaney ultimately moved back to her home state of Wisconsin and got a job at Greenpeace.