Kelly Clarkson’s Dark Days

October 25, 2017 - 6:45am

Kelly Clarkson wanted to kill herself during "a very dark" time in her life. The 35-year-old singer said in an interview with Attitude magazine that people didn't realize she was "miserable" for years when she was thin. "When I was really skinny, I wanted to kill myself," she confessed. "I was miserable, like inside and out, for four years of my life. But no one cared, because aesthetically you make sense." Clarkson said she became skinny because she was at the gym "all the time" as a way to deal with her unhappiness.

"It was a very dark time for me," she recalled. "I thought the only way out was quitting. I, like, wrecked my knees and my feet because all I would do is put in headphones and run. I was at the gym all the time."

Clarkson told the magazine she "got out" of her dark place with the help of "a lot of great people." She clarified her comments on her suicidal thoughts and weight in a series of tweets Tuesday.

"Just to clear something up. I wasn't ever miserable because I had to be thin. I said I was miserable & as a result I became thin," the star wrote.

"I've never contemplated suicide because of my weight," she asserted. "I said people had no idea I was unhappy oddly enough because I appeared healthy."

Clarkson will release her new record Meaning of Life on Friday.

In other Clarkson news, she is getting a head start on her stint as a coach on NBC's The Voice. Though Kelly won't officially join the show until next season, she'll be appearing this season starting October 30th. Kelly will serve as a "key adviser" for this season's Knockout Rounds, and work with the remaining 32 artists on Teams Adam, Blake, Miley and Jennifer Hudson. The Knockout Rounds continue through November 7th.

On The Voice Season 14, Kelly will take a seat in the big red chairs along with Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and returning coach Alicia Keys.